Role of Android App Development Services For A Successful Business

With more than 85 percent market share worldwide, the Android operating system dominates the thriving mobile platform. As Google comes with newer versions that contain business-friendly features and improved security, entrepreneurs seem ready to have a piece of cake with the help of a custom Android app. Today, Google Play has more than 3.3 million applications and the number is constantly increasing.

In other words, Android app development services in India are thriving at a tremendous rate. Next, we'll take a look at the top ten business benefits that are forcing entrepreneurs to opt for future-ready, feature-rich Android apps:


1. Higher RoI

As an open source platform, the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is available to developers. Also, Android app development is profitable. We can mainly classify the android app development cycle into three stages:

  •          Design and development of applications
  •          Application testing
  •          Implementation of applications

The whole development cycle is not very expensive. Also, Android app developers can easily implement physical design and you can get attractive and interactive Android app at lower cost to reach a large audience around the world. In short, a custom Android app offers a higher ROI compared to its Apple counterpart.


2. Suitable for BYOD (bring your own device)

BYOD and mobility concepts are embedded in several business sectors. Both approaches have improved communication and collaboration in the workplace regardless of distance and time. Android's largest market share helps you implement BYOD with ease. Android-based business applications can achieve greater penetration among your employees. Android is installed on various devices and many of these devices are affordable for different economic groups.


3. Easy customization

Android is a versatile platform with great flexibility and easy customization options. All you get is an interesting and innovative business application with various functionalities. Android is a robust operating system that can integrate all kinds of modifications, from simple to complex. Your business needs can easily be addressed effectively with this platform. Besides Android allows you to integrate and update a plethora of data management tools and features to meet changing requirements. In addition to this, everything you need to hire Android app developers in India in order to take advantage of all these benefits.


4. Improved security & easy marketing

Google has implemented many business-friendly features in recent Android updates that began with Lollipop. Today, this platform holds its own against its Apple counterpart when it comes to data security. Now it is difficult for malware to locate the data structure. Also, an automated system can send regular notifications to users and keep them updated. Also, you can easily promote your Android app thanks to the prevalence of the platform. In a way, the Android operating system can give you both security and promotional benefits.


5. Advantage of wearable device

Wearable technology becomes a new norm in the business sector. Wearables are gaining ground as an effective communication tool. Smart watch notifications also become common and are managed by Android mobile apps. Statistics have revealed that more than 54 percent of companies have implemented BYOD (Bring Your Own Wearable) policy. An enterprise-grade Android application can help you integrate wearable technology into your existing enterprise system.


6. Everything related to Google

This is one of the top benefits that you can get with an Android mobile app. Although many Google services are available on iOS, deep integration is still lacking. You can bring the benefits of Google apps and features to your app users with a custom Android app for your business. Also, whenever Google releases a new service or app, it can run smoothly on your Android app with ease.


7. Reduced TTM (time to market)

It is important that you build an enterprise application as soon as possible to gain a competitive advantage over your rivals. Android application development tools can facilitate faster development with easy integration of desired functions. Experienced Android developers can create an application for your business in less time and you can benefit from a reduced TTM. That's not all! If you want to modify the application according to the changing requirements, you can also do it quickly.


8. Scope of innovation

The greatest strength of the Android platform is its global presence. If you want to target a select audience with some innovative features, Android application developers can help you by using cutting edge tools and technological advancements. You can get high-end application solutions with the integration of modern technologies like AR and VR at reasonable prices. In a way, Android offers a wide margin of innovation and opens the doors to new business opportunities.


9. Evolutionary platform

Do you know that Android continues to evolve? Android smart phones are built by various reputable companies like Samsung. They keep bringing new features to stand their ground amid growing competition, and the Android developer community is quickly adapting to them. The Android operating system introduced NFC, mobile payments, and HD displays. When you choose an Android mobile app, you also get the advantage of this evolving app development platform.


10. Installing custom ROMs

It's easy to change the appearance and performance of your application with custom ROMs. You can customize Android devices based on your business model and strategies by installing custom ROMs. Most ROMs are completely free as they are created by a group of core developers as a hobby activity. Such ROMs can bring radical changes in the way of developing mobile applications and companies can reap the benefits. A reliable Android app development company can give you more details about ROM.


Let’s Wrap Up:

If all you need is an easy-to-use business app, you have come to the right place! We offer best-in-class Android app development services in India so you can get the most out of this platform. We help you implement a mobile strategy in the shortest possible time in a profitable way. Also, you can get a futuristic application on demand using this platform to take your customer-centric business to the next level.

Just contact us with your project requirements. Our expert consultants and dedicated Android mobile app developers will take care of all aspects of your application development.


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