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This is a known proven fact that nowadays Smartphone warfare is being conducted on the market between Android and IOs platform. Both platforms are usually attractive and excellent platform have already been produced making use of both platform. However, Android can be an open source platform. Being an open source platform so a lot of tinkering is being conducted with Android technologies that ensure exciting future opportunities.

 Now if you're seeking to get an Android application developed for the business you then should do few studies and know specific basic items that can help one to hire the very best Android App development Company in India and obtain the product deliver as desired. Below pointed out suggestions can help you in the reason:


Reserve Your Name Space

This part is key to obtain the application the mandatory recognition among some other several applications. This is actually the simple method utilized by the ANDROID Market that uses the package name that's declared from the developers within your Manifest. So, both you and developer must have knowledge about this notion.


Pay attention to Your Users

This is actually the most important tip that applies in every field. By the end it's the consumer that chooses the success or failure of an application, if you don't pay attention to the feedbacks distributed by them you then are calling for the difficulty. So while searching for an Android App Development company in India ensure that they have experts who can talk with feedbacks of the client and immediate the development team for the mandatory changes.


Understand Android's platform Patterns

We always need our application to become unique such that it can attract even more customers, but before that people need to recognize that a professional can deliver unique application only if they will have proper understanding of the existing pattern of the android, and that means you have to process the business which has great expertise in Android app development services in India.


Target Audience



You should always remember about the market while developing the application form because if you're developing mobile games for kids after that graphic along with other things changes, but if you're develop music application then your graphic and user interface changes


Application Testing

Once the application is developed after that it ought to be tested first before you need it or ensure it is designed for the users. It is vital to test the application form keeping yourself like a user rather than a developer or owner. After that you'll understand the problems in an easier way.


Optimization of Application

Once the application is launched and you also start to get feedback for this, you need to make sure that the Android app Development Company in India is available for that support and optimization according to the feedbacks.


Application Speed

Your application could be a success only when it lots and works faster. This segment is vital for that developers and proprietors to comprehend. Nobody really wants to wait longer time after clicking the button or opening the application form so optimize it so it satisfies a user.

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